Start HIV Medicines the Right Away

start-hiv-medicines-the-right-awayStart HIV Medicines the Right Away

Gena Care Pharmacy understands that having HIV/AIDS is never easy. Aside from their war against the condition, some also suffer from mental health battles. Being an HIV Specialty Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, we desire to help them get the help they need. We provide specialty drugs service for people with HIV/AIDS. But when do we start taking HIV medicines?

Once diagnosed with HIV, one must start taking medicines immediately. Starting early helps reduce a person’s viral load to an undetectable level. When reached, the person lives a longer, healthier life. They also pose no risk of transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative partners during intercourse. If you are one of these individuals, head to a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, and start HIV medicines right away.

  • Acute HIV Infection

    The early stage of the infection, the period up to 6 months is the most crucial stage of the condition. During this time, a person’s viral load is often very high. Taking medicines can help protect their health.

  • AIDS-Defining Conditions

    These are life-threatening infections and cancers to people with HIV. If you have this, start HIV medicines right away to improve immune function.

  • Pregnancy

    Having an effective treatment regimen during pregnancy can help make your viral load undetectable. It reduces the risk of perinatal transmission, keeping your child safe.

If you belong to one of the individuals above, head to our pharmacy to get HIV drugs. You can also maximize the time by having a rapid PCR test in Brooklyn, New York if you suspect yourself of having COVID-19. When the schedule is an issue, we offer pharmacy delivery as well. Send us a message and improve your health despite HIV/AIDS.

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