How to Be Flu-Ready this Coming Cold Season


Our bodies’ capacity to adjust to various temperature highs and lows vary with the seasons. The seasonal flu, colds, and runny noses are a result of our body taking some time to adapt to the weather when the environment changes.

The possibility of contracting the flu is a major warning sign given the coronavirus outbreak. Although getting sick is not easy, it cannot be prevented from happening. We can prevent them from infecting our bodies, though. There are several options available to you. The first step is to get your flu vaccines on time and use our COVID vaccine in New York City, New York.

You can decrease your risk of contracting a seasonal sickness by taking preventive actions.

  • Wash your hands frequently and carry alcohol with you.
  • Keep your medication cabinets stocked. Keep some essential medications on hand to help treat the flu when it first appears.
  • Keep your essential kitchen items available. These will support you with the flu.
  • Refrain from touching your lips, nose, or eyes excessively. These are the points of entry the virus uses to enter your system. Don’t forget to tidy your home as well. A stuffy nose may be brought on by dust mites.
  • Plan ahead for your sick days and think about going to local clinics or pharmacies for rapid PCR test in Brooklyn, New York, if you think you might be infected with a virus.

Maintain your immunity against the flu and colds, especially now that the cold season has officially arrived. To use our services, go to Gena Care Pharmacy. We are an HIV specialty pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York.
To learn more, stop by our pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, where we also provide COVID-19 test.

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