About Us

Pharmacy Services in Brooklyn, New York

black american nurse inside medicine storage

As a minority woman-owned business, Gena Care Pharmacy provides Pharmacy Services in Brooklyn, New York which includes Vitamins, Generic Plan, Immunizations, Refill RX, Auto Refills, Transfer RX, and Medical Supplies to residents in Brooklyn, New York.

Our Staff

We have a reliable team of pharmacists who are certified and immunization-trained. They will assist with your prescription medication refills. We also offer consultation services.

No more waiting for long periods. Gena Care Pharmacy offers prompt service. We value our customer’s time and patience. Aside from serving quality drugs, we match our products with free delivery services for the convenience of our customers.

Do you have prescription concerns? Consult with our Pharmacist or call us at 718-484-7166. For different medicine-related problems, contact us.