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Mobility is a concern for some individuals. Because of their impaired vision, or fragile bodies, a senior may need assistance from others in daily tasks. On the other hand, people with disability have physical limitations which prevent them from doing things independently. If this is true for your loved one, head to a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, to get the assistance you need. Aside from cheap prescription drugs, they also offer services and other medical supplies.

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

    Seniors are most vulnerable to fall incidents. It can be life-threatening. To keep them safe, placing a DME in your bathroom reduces the risk of any untoward incident. An HIV Specialty Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, provides DME such as a safe bath seat riser, bathtub rail and shower transfer bench, and adjustable back shower gurney. Safety should always be our priority. Head toa pharmacy now.

  • Mobility Assistance

    Aside from DME, seniors and persons with disability can benefit from using assistive equipment. It includes recliners, quad sticks, crutches, canes, walkers, and a wheelchair. These types of equipment, not only help them get safety but also promote independence.

If you are looking for affordable DME and other medical supplies, contact Gena Care Pharmacy. Aside from quality drugs, we guarantee quality and cost-effective equipment. We also offer a rapid PCR test in Brooklyn, New York, to help you get peace of mind. We want nothing more than to see you become better, improve, and get healed. Reach out.

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