When You Should Get Tested for COVID


There are two main types of COVID-19 viral tests which is the molecular tests and antigen tests. But what are the difference between these two?

Molecular tests (PCR test) is considered as the best test for detecting any active infection however, they are not perfect. This might not work for a person who is asymptomatic. But the risk of a false positive result for this is very low. If you are looking for a Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York who offers this type of test, then you can drop by here at Gena Care Pharmacy.

Antigen tests are generally cheaper and conducts faster tests. This test needs a higher level of viral material to be positive than a molecular test, so we can say that this is also very reliable. But a false negative is more likely to happen when taking this test.

When you should get tested for COVID?

  • If you are starting to develop symptoms
  • If you have been in close contact who tested positive for COVID
  • If the early test is negative, so you need to repeat the test in 5 to 7 days

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