Getting Children COVID-Protected: Go With Them


COVID-19 brought massive losses in business and life. During its peak, the streets became empty, and the world became silent. Almost everything became online – work, learning institutions, food delivery, online pharmacy, etc. Schools have been closed, but tests have continued in the form of a rapid PCR test in Brooklyn, New York, to ensure the safety of our loved ones and those with who we come in contact. Undeniably, it has changed the lives of people around the world.

While we have felt more at ease now than during its peak, observing health protocols is essential, especially for children. According to CDC, there are approximately 2 million cases of COVID for children ages 5 to 11 in the United States. Like those affected, it can make them very ill and cause hospitalizations and even death. Fortunately, children can now get the COVID vaccine in Brooklyn, NY.

Before recommending the vaccine to children, scientists have conducted studies and trials to ensure that your children are safe. If you have a child, accompany them to get their vaccine done in a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. Here are the reasons why:

  • Protection

    Vaccines may not protect us from getting the infection, but when we do, we do not get seriously ill. It also helps children keep their family members vulnerable to the virus safe and those not eligible to receive vaccines.

  • Participation

    Vaccines help children attend school and safely participate in activities – sports, playdates, group activities, and others.

Gena Care Pharmacy believes that by letting children get vaccinated, the spread of diseases in the community gets slowed. We are an HIV Specialty Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, offering quality drugs and services, including vaccination. If you want your child to get vaccinated, contact us.

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