Types of Effective Face Masks and Tips in Wearing One


Masks have developed into crucial safety and health-related instruments for humans. Face masks, which are readily available at any retail pharmacy, have shown to reduce virus transmissions brought on by droplets by forming a barrier that stops the droplets from spreading to another person.

The following are CDC-approved masks that are safe for everyday use:

  • Specialized masks, such as the N95, KN94, and KF94
  • Fabric masks
  • 3-ply masks

These are available at any neighborhood pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York that sells high-quality medical supplies. It is significant to remember that the efficacy of these masks varies. Fabric masks have the lowest efficacy rate against COVID-19 droplets, according to the CDC.

The best way to make use of your fabric mask is to use two of them, according to experts. Double-masking is the practice of wearing a three-ply mask on top of a fabric one. You can be sure that droplets can still be stopped if you’re wearing a 3-ply mask below.

Here are some CDC-approved tips for effective masking:

  • A 3-ply face mask’s ear loops should be knotted where they meet the edge of the mask.
  • Make sure the mask is a tight fit for your face. No gaps should exist.
  • Never mix two disposable masks.
  • One N95 or KN95 mask should be worn at a time.

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