How Your Trusted Retail Pharmacy Avoids Errors


Errors in prescribing, dispensing, and administering pharmaceuticals are known as medication errors. Every year in America, these mistakes injure hundreds of thousands of individuals. The good news is that drug errors can be avoided with the help of your trusted retail pharmacy.

Gena Care Pharmacy, a trusted pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, provides services that always follow the suggested procedures for avoiding pharmaceutical errors and mishaps. Consult your physician, pharmacist, and other healthcare professionals whenever you have questions or concerns. It is always advisable to play a proactive role when it comes to pharmaceuticals at the level of the individual consumer.

You may contact them right at your home if they offer an online pharmacy. Also, make sure to thoroughly research the medications you take, especially their potential negative effects.

Pharmaceutical error is referred to as a potential adverse drug event if it happened but did no harm. Poor communication between your doctors and poor communication between you and your doctors, medicine names that sound the same or look alike, and medical abbreviations are the most frequent causes of prescription errors. Knowing about these reasons is your best line of defense.

As an HIV specialty pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York we suggest that you should always request an explanation if you don’t comprehend something that your doctor says.

To drastically lower patients’ risk of prescription errors, healthcare providers must also adhere to a practice called medication reconciliation. This safety tactic entails comparing the drug list that healthcare professionals have with the medication list that you are now taking.

Never refuse your doctors or other healthcare professionals access to your health information. Teamwork is necessary to prevent drug errors. Our pharmacy also offers rapid PCR test in Brooklyn, New York.

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