How to Be Consistent With Your Medications


Missing your medications can seriously affect your treatment. This is especially true if you are taking maintenance medication for a chronic condition. Missing your dose can make your treatment fail altogether and put you at risk of complications. As a provider of medical supplies in New York, we often remind our customers to take their medications properly and not to miss a dose.

Here are some tips we recommend at our minority-owned business Brooklyn, NY:

  • Take your medications at the same time daily preferably coinciding with the rest of your routine such as taking your meals, showering, or bedtime.
    This helps you include your medications in your daily routine.
  • Set up an alarm to remind you through your phone or watch.
    This helps remind you at times when you may be busy and not remember to take your medications.
  • Have a visible reminder such as a note on your bathroom mirror or nightstand to remind you to take your medication.
    You can also put your pillbox or bottle in a place you would usually see it as long as it is out of reach of children and pets.

Are you in need of pharmacy services in Brooklyn, New York such as automatic refills and delivery services? We at Gena Care Pharmacy can help you remember your medications without hassle.

We are a black owned business in Brooklyn, NY offering various pharmacy services including compounding, immunizations, specialty drugs, and others.

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