Are Generic Drugs as Good as the Branded Versions?


Given how pricey branded medications can be, it is common for customers to consider the cheaper generic alternative instead. However, are generic medications as effective as their branded counterparts? As a black owned pharmacy Brooklyn, NY we offer both and would recommend customers to get the generic versions if they could not afford the branded versions.

As a provider of medical supplies in New York, we often explain the difference between branded and generic medications to our customers. Branded medications tend to be expensive as the companies have to fund studies, trials, and patenting of these medications.

On the other hand, generic drugs only need to create a “bioequivalent” to their brand-name counterpart. For the FDA to approve a generic medication, it must be chemically the same with only a 20% allowance for variations. The usual generic drug only has less than a 4% difference to its branded counterpart. These drugs are cheaper as they don’t need to conduct studies as proof that the medication is effective nor do they have to pay as much for branding and patenting. However, they are chemically the same.

If you could not afford branded medication, it is definitely better to go for the generic alternative. After all, taking generic medication is way better than skipping doses of your branded medication or having no medication at all.

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